When your plumbing stops working properly in a home, you may be tempted to fix this on your own. While there are some plumbing problems that you may be able to fix if you are handy, there are times in which a professional plumber is the only way to go. Otherwise, you may risk making the problem even worse than what it is! Plus, if you make a problem worse, you could be looking at paying even more to have this problem rectified. The best option is to notice the warning signs that are telling you a pro needs to be called.

1: Gurgling From the Drains

When you are running the dishwasher, doing laundry or even if someone flushes a toilet, do you hear a gurgling sound coming from the drains? This is a sign that you may need to call a plumber. It can be the first sign of a clogged drain or one that is compromised. What happens if you ignore this sign? You could be looking at backed up water throughout the house. This is not something that you are going to fix with a bottle of drain cleaner, it may need professional snaking and cleaning to get it working properly.

2: Hearing Water When No Water is Being Used

Late at night or during the day when no one is running water, do you hear what sounds like dripping water? Or even water leaking somewhere? This is a sign that you do have a leak. Look around the home for brown or wet spots on the ceiling or floors as this could tell that which pipe is leaking. Remember, a leaking pipe may require a new pipe being installed, which means calling a professional.

3: Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is often not something that people worry about too much. After all, they are still getting water into the pipes. There are times in which the faucets may simply be corroded, which is leading to the low water pressure and these can be cleaned easily. However, this is often a warning sign of something more. This could be a fractured pipe, eroded line or even a water leak in the system. When this is the case, a professional is the only way to go.

4: Slow Draining Water

Do you find that it takes forever for the kitchen sink to drain? Maybe even the shower or bathtub takes a while to drain out? While we all hope that this simply means the lines are just full of gunk, it could also mean that you are having sewer issues. This could mean that you have a clog in the main drain line. If you do, and do not remedy this, it could mean that you end up with a backed-up system in your home. And when this main line becomes clogged, toilets, kitchen sinks, showers and bathtubs will back up to the point that the whole home smells and requires a deep cleaning.

5: Your Pipes are Frozen

In harsh winter conditions, pipes can freeze. These are often noticed when the water no longer runs out or there is an odd clanking noise when you try to turn on the water. In addition, you could smell a sewage smell from the faucets. If this happens, do not try to heat these up and get it moving on your own. If you do you could crack the pipe or even burst this pipe. Instead, call the professionals to unfreeze these and get everything running properly again.

A professional plumber is educated in dealing with these types of situations in a way that is going to cause the least damage to the home. If you were to let these warnings go by you without taking action, you could end up paying extra in home repairs that could have been easily avoided by consulting a pro.