On the second Sunday in May, mums all over Canada will be in for all sorts of surprises. Flowers are perhaps THE most popular item. Breakfast in bed or a restaurant brunch are also top choices.

While these are very nice, they are over way too soon. Since the celebrations are coming up shortly, it's time to make your plans (if you haven't already done so). Here are a few not-so-usual ideas for gifts that keep on giving.

Keep things flowing

Mothers who spend a lot of time cooking know that clean-up during and after is made a lot easier with a garbage disposal. Instead of having to wait for the sink to drain, a short burst from the garbage disposal means the sink is clear for the next batch of washing up.

Home pampering

You can give your mum the feeling of an “at home” spa with a multi-spray showerhead. The spray modes vary the amount and force of the water to create different atmospheres. One of these is a powerful, invigorating spray which washes and massages for an “alive” feeling. Another is a more gentle, misty mode to relax and soothe. Although showerheads can be permanently fixed, there are also handled versions. Many people prefer the hand-held models since the spray can be more easily directed where needed.

Tap on, Tap off

This play on words accurately describes the way in which some of today's taps and showeheads open and close. By tapping a spot on the tap handle or spout, the water is turned on or off. Just a nudge of the thumb will rotate the showerhead to the next spray mode. Touch fixtures are great for everyone. However, they are especially useful for mums whose hands are not as able as they once were.

Valet towelling

Stepping out of the shower or bath into a heated towel is simply fabulous. Hydroponic (water-heated) towel warmers can not only do that easily, they also provide two more useful functions. One is that they heat the surrounding air, making it easier to leave the warmth of the shower or bath water. The other is that they dry up moisture, making it more difficult for mould and mildew to grow.

Of course, there are countless other possibilities. As you think about your mother, you'll be able to find the one that best suits her. Professional plumbers will be pleased to be part of the selection and installation of those plumbing fixtures which will turn your thoughts into reality, and give your mum a long-lasting treat she deserves.