Bison Plumbing (Winnipeg Plumber)

Established in 1981

"Fast, Affordable Service"

Bison Plumbing is a family-owned business that has been serving the needs of Winnipeg since 1981. Bison operates in both residential and commercial markets tackling the problems that commonly plague plumbing, heating and cooling systems. No matter how small a sink clog is or how severe a broken pipe is, we can repair and replace most systems.

A Plus BBB Rating
Accredited Jan 02, 1999

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Bison Plumbing plumbing company

We are fully committed toward making you feel content and happy with our services.

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Residential service:
St. François Xavier
West St. Paul


Mon: 24 hours
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Bison Plumbing

350 William Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3A 0H9


Call:   (204) 943 2856

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Bison Plumbing Services

Toilets - Faucets - Dishwashers - Fridge Water - Drinking Water Filtration - Shut off Valves - Water Supply Lines - Drains Vents - Water-piping - Garburators - Hot Water Tanks - Hose Bibs - Bathroom Rough-ins - Tub and Shower installs - Sump Pumps - Sump Pits - Water Softeners - Pumps