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Established in 1982

"Toronto's leader in condominium plumbing"

We promise good value and open book pricing. Free estimates. We believe in providing high quality work with open, fair pricing and no-pressure estimating. If you send us photographs and describe the work required then we will give you an estimate right away. During office hours a professional plumber, not a call-answering service, will handle your inquiries. We can ask questions and give you a realistic estimate. Our motto is “repair before replace”. Why? Because that saves you money.

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Park Lane Plumbing plumbing company

Toronto's highest rated plumber. When you call you talk to a qualified plumber - not a call service.

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Park Lane Plumbing

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Park Lane Plumbing Services

Condo plumbing experts - 35 years experience working in large buildings - hi-rises - Repair & replace toilets - Repair & replace taps / faucets - Repair & replace kitchen faucets - Hookups for dishwashers - washing machines - fridges - Commercial plumbing services - Hookup water softeners and water filters - Repair leaking or noisy radiators - Repair & replace showers - Install water saving devices -